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Feng Shui Practitioner Course

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Hello and welcome to your Feng Shui Course, we hope you enjoy this fun, informative and interactive course. There are 10 modules throughout, in which we will look at the History, the five elements, how to use a Bagua Map and we will learn about colours, symbols and furniture placement around your home, common mistakes and how to avoid them and different types of Feng Shui. At the end of each module there will be a short Quiz for you to complete to help underpin your learning experience and once completed a new module will unlock. Once all Modules are completed you will receive your Certificate of Completion. This course is self-paced and once completed you will have the knowledge to feng shui your own home, help others feng shui their homes or even help you to choose a new home based on it's placement using feng shui principles. This program is free to join and access for our Online subscription plan members. Good luck and most of all have fun whilst learning

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Our Family Qi 🌳 ☯️

Our Family Qi 🌳 ☯️

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