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Our Mission

Updated: May 13

Is to provide informative skills and healthy practices to help balance our western way of life so you can feel good and become that better version of you by adding resiliency to your Mind, Body and Emotions.

We often only feel fully relaxed when we pamper ourselves or have a massage.

We tend to put up with the stress and tension lines of the body which over time can cause illness, injury, emotional imbalance and rarely living in the present. Basically we tend to Invest a lot of ourselves into our materialistic environment and others and ignore or choose not to invest in our own wellbeing (Our Internal Environment), this continuous habitual habit becomes counterproductive in the long run and can make everything we achieved become irrelevant if we cannot obtain resiliency and longevity to appreciate them.

What I here you say -

  • I don't have enough time to do anything else in my life.

  • I'm so exhausted and need naps to just keep going or simply crash into bed after a hard day.

  • I'm struggling after an injury whilst exercising and are in a rest period before rinse and repeat and start the same exercising again.

  • I've got a mental block / wall to overcome with my current fitness routine and can't focus on anything else.

  • I don't have the energy to exercise.

  • I'm so stressed I can't cope with anything else.

  • I'm young and already fit and healthy.

  • I'm too old to exercise.

  • I have a condition that stops me exercising.

  • I have anxiety.

  • I suffer with depression, life is just too hard.

The list of excuses we make up goes on and on and believe me I've used a few in the past myself. So if any of this sounds familiar then please read on.

We all walk a tight rope daily so keeping that perfect work, life and physical and emotional health balance requires a special kind of magic bullet.

Through our effort to find this we came across Qi Gong, which has been around for over 4000 years and is said to be one of the best kept secrets until recently.

We started our practice of Qi Gong and from the very first class we understood the benefits it had to offer and I can remember saying "we so need to pass this knowledge on". Through regular daily practice we gained a tremendous amount of energy for life, lots of inspiration and courage. Hence this is one of the main reasons behind Mind Body Flo 4 Health being founded to help people, primarily with Qi Gong classes, as we fully believe in the advantages it has to offer in providing the balance we need.

Before I go on, we totally understand our western philosophy out there, that if it's not broken don't fix it, or from our western medical point of view which treats symptoms and disease and injury which has its valid benefit in helping our lives. But that being said we all know that prevention is always better than cure, but tend to find it hard to understand what kinds of foods to eat, how to exercise without injury and basically struggling to maintain a healthy life work balance, or maybe we tend to turn a blind eye and say it will never happen to me.

Jeanie and I understand that we have got our work cut out to convince people that there really is another way and that is where we are now with the business being launched and offering our classes, which by the way has increased our practice as well as our own personal practice we do, resulting in even more energy, no aches and pains, focused and clear mind and the inspiration behind our next chapter of which will become clearer soon!

We started to think about how can we make it easier for both us and people to experience this.

How do we allow busy people, who may be already actively participating in exercise to understand and experience the benefits for themselves?

How do we allow people with injury, illness both physical or emotional to understand and experience the benefits for themselves?

How do we allow people that are healthy or just not sure if they need it, to understand and experience the importance of having the key to remain healthy?

I'm just stressed, tired or busy people to understand and experience the benefits for themselves?

And this was when we came up with the game changer plan that will help people stay with what they know now, whether that be your normal routine of work / home life or active exercise you currently participate in and be able to try and see see how Qi Gong can fit into your life and experience the many advantages it has to offer both physically and emotionally.

Families can benefit greatly in having more relaxed and understanding parents. With more energy inspiration and courage, living life through joy, love and compassion, rather than through stress, anxiety, depression, anger and tiredness bought on through the stress of life. When we learn how to release stress easily and effectively, we then become more tolerant of others and more in tune with our own physical bodies and emotions and live life in the present cultivating emotions like being contented, gratitude, joy and happiness from within and not from external sources. All these positive emotions are energy and become addictive and are contagious being felt by others at a subconscious level to benefit everyone in your environment.

Active people can understand how this can improve there current pursuits, helping with faster recovery, increased energy, strength and flexibility, reduce sore and stiff muscles and even improve emotional balance becoming more relaxed and calm and present, to help overcome any mental or emotional blocks that may be responsible for the wall you keep hitting and can't overcome without getting injured or a decrease in motivation.

So without further adieu Mind Body Flo 4 Health is now offering online Qi Gong video classes, feature classes and interactive educational programs with short routines. The content is all pre-recorded, as we are committed to providing fun, healthy exercise you and your family can participate in anytime anywhere at an affordable price. We have two choices to suit different budgets of a low cost monthly plan that gives you access to all the content or rent video classes in our On Demand channel for 48hours to practice for less than a normal in person yoga or Qi Gong class in the community.

All our monthly plan members get access to all our content and are added to the private Flo 4 Health Group to share (via our app or website) and encourage one another. All the Qi Gong interactive online programs, some of which are exercise programs based around current activities you may already be doing. We hope this offers the knowledge of how adding some of the Qi Gong techniques, tips and tricks will help your current practices and overall health and well being.

Our programs are designed for anyone that needs that interactive nudge to keep on track, with the app that will send notifications of the next step to be completed.

Classes are recorded weekly so the content is always growing and other programs will be added soon for extended guided meditations (hypnotherapy), age regression, past life regression, life between lives regression. Plus a Feng Shui Practitioners course to balance your external environment as well.

All these plans help with realising the health benefits Qi Gong has to offer, and help with the extensive nature of Qi Gong Practice, as to keep things more interesting each weeks class is different and each season we deal with different element themes. Moving in a healthy way daily has way more positive side effects than I can write in this blog, we hope you can take up the challenge and commit to something new.

We hope you have a better understanding of our mission and we sincerely hope you will take up the opportunity to experience what Qi Gong can offer you.

If you are still undecided or intrigued what Qi Gong can do for you, then please watch at length the podcast we were so grateful to be apart of, which you can access and view for free on our website in the Introduction Channel or Feature Class Channel or our On Demand Channel. Should you have any questions or queries then please contact us via the web site.

We look forward to you being part of this journey with us :)

Qi Blessings,

Paul and Jeanie

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