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Winter - Signs your Water Element maybe out of balance.

Winter is the darkest and coolest time of the year, when activity in the plant kingdom only occurs deep in the roots.

In us, as individuals, the water element represents energetic reserves, the will to survive, courage, movement, willpower, trust and faith.

The organ systems are the bladder, kidneys, bones and endocrine system. When out of balance the water element corresponds to fear, a lack of reserves, fatigue and a lack of trust in life and other people. Physical symptoms present as fatigue and exhaustion, disorders of the urinary tract, infertility, hypertension and dental problems.

Signs your Water Element may be out of balance.

Lower Back Pain.

If you suffer with continuous lower back pain for no particular reason then it could be your water element is out of balance.

One of the common ailments that athletes who train intensively complain about is lower back pain, the Dragon Animal Form we practice in Qi Gong is a great solution as it aids in relieving lower back pain ( more about this later).

Good kidney function makes an individual feel strong, agile and energetic, whereas poor kidney function or Kidney Qi deficiency will manifest as low back pain, soft bones, weakness and fatigue.

Anaemia and Immune Deficiency

The kidney meridian is paired with the bladder meridian and controls growth and development of bones and nourishes the marrow the body's source of red and white blood cells. In TCM, the spinal chord and the brain are forms of marrow therefore, poor memory, cloudy thinking and backache are all indicators of deficient kidney energy.

Tinnitus and Hair loss/ Itchy dry scalp

The kidneys meridian's vitality is reflected externally by the condition of the hair and the entrance to the ears. An itchy dry scalp or hair thinning and Tinnitus are other signs of kidney disfunction.

Joint Pain

When water is balanced within you, moving becomes easier and more comfortable and in effect, it is like the joints are "oiled".

Feeling Cold

Do you always feel the cold more than other people? Be aware of your temperature in comparison to others around you, if you are reaching to turn up the heater and others are hot then take a look within to see if you can balance your water element.

Fear Insecurity, Sadness & Depression.

Water imbalance can also affect your mind and emotions. If you tend to feel fearful or insecure or even have recurring feelings of "not being enough" then this could be a water imbalance. If left untreated and unbalanced these feelings can lead to sadness and depression which can be quite destructive. Once balanced, these thoughts and emotions transform into inspiration and abundance.

Hormonal Imbalance

There are numerous physical and emotional symptoms of hormonal imbalance, like anxiety, constipation, high cholesterol, sudden body temperature changes and mood swings.

One of the fun animal forms we practice in Qi Gong is the Dragon and it is associated with the Winter Water element.

The Dragon symbolises power, strength, vitality, wisdom and growth and reflects positive values of independence, perseverance and dedication.

Our Jing essence (life force essence) which we inherit from our parents at conception is centred in our kidneys and is one of the keys to longevity. The Dragon form targets this as we twist to our maximum range of motion through our spine, we wring out the kidneys and stimulate flow in the spine. This builds our capacity to retain this basic life force energy.

Practicing Qi Gong targets the organs, fascia and meridians, we also throw in a few Acupressure points to make our class fun and informative, start your practice today to rebalance your health and harmonise the body and mind.

Look forward to seeing you in class,

Jeanie & Paul

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