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The Benefits of Qi Gong (Chi Gong, Chi Gung)

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Welcome to our website and our commitment to making a difference in your overall well being both physically and emotionally.

In essence we all lead busy lives which is a conditioning of the generation we live in,

this can sometimes allow us to lose the connection between our mind, physical body and the flow of energies we need to nourish and support us.

Daily routines of washing and brushing our teeth is what the majority of people believe is necessary for our health nowadays, when we understand that this is only the surface and to truly condition our mind and physical body requires a much deeper understanding.

We have three main organs of the body that expel toxins (Skin, Large Intestine, Lungs). And it is interesting to note that the Lungs deal with expelling 70% of all our toxins with every breath....

Daily impacts on our busy lives can lead to bad posture, emotional implications that also effect our breathing resulting in an improper expel of toxins, and as such these can build up and cause harm.

So to bring back vitality and an inner peace, calmness and clarity please read on....

Qi Gong translates to Qi (Life force Energy) Gong (Work with or the practice of), Our body is energy and needs the proper care for it to maintain perfect health and well being. The practice of Qi Gong has been around for over 4000 years and there are over 3500 different styles.

Mind Body Flow 4 Health, have bought together the most effective routines to transform our lives back to optimum health.

The classes can be undertaken by all demographics from the young to our more senior clients, most of the exercises we do can be done standing or seated depending on the clients needs. This has also allowed us to tailor some of our classes for our seniors, veterans and even clients with disabilities and wheelchair users.

We offer open mixed classes that can be booked through our website for all abilities, private classes for single person or up to 4 people (family and friends) by appointment only, and Community classes to give back and provide lasting benefits to community groups such as, Aged Care, over 50's / retired living, Clubs and also Disability classes for both the carers and their clients helping them to maintain the balance in mind and body to improve their connection together.

Classes can be in person or online :)

Practicing Qi gong regularly allows a mind body connection at a much deeper level, by working in harmony to provide both flexibility and resilience that lasts. The dynamic gentle flowing movements of Qi gong allow a far deeper level of transformation down into our bodies facia that connects our muscles and helps to provide a healing, even a reforming of the facia back to optimum health. These movements can overcome years of abuse we subject our bodies to without realising the overall complications it leads to, such as yang type activities like Gym workouts, running, yoga with static stretching, even bad posture for desk workers, and the reduction in moving as we age.

The Qi gong gentle flowing moving exercises are the balance (Yin exercises) our bodies need, not only does it work at a physical level but also it works on an emotional level too, by performing certain movements in a controlled relaxed manner we can work the body and the internal organs to compress and squeeze out toxins. This allows our bodies to heal better at a systemic level and provides a more grounded and emotional balance.

As we allow our bodies meridian's (energy pathways) to open we gain the added benefit of overcoming stiffness, aches and pains caused by injuries and tension due to blocked energy. As our energy pathways open up we become more aware of our bodies and how they operate resulting in an inner peace, clarity, calmness and wisdom that exudes us as we become more comfortable with what life can throw at us.

A great Qi gong analogy is that we become more fluid in movement and soft and gentle like water, but with the added benefit of also being powerful and strong like water to carve our way through life with purpose and an emotional stability.

These Yin balancing life movement practices condition at the deeper level with a perfect balance of the body and mind. They have a far longer lasting benefit, which means any of life distractions that may take you away from practice from time to time or even for longer periods will not result in any loss of the benefits gained once you return to practice.

As the movements become more accessible to you to perform, then they can be done at home, even a few minutes a day (whilst waiting for the kettle to boil) will provide additional conditioning for mind and body between classes.

Take this journey with us to understand and experience the benifits for yourself.

May your Mind Body Flo be in perfect harmony :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as we did writing it for you. We look forward to working with you:)

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