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Your Qi Gong Practice

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

When we start something new like learning to drive or playing an instrument, it takes time to perfect and reap the benefits of your hard work.

Likewise if we took up running as a hobby, we would not try and run a marathon or even a few kilometres straight away.

The same applies to Qi Gong, if you are new to this modality then practice does make perfect. You should start off slow, being mindful of your body's limitations and modify the movements accordingly, it is not necessary to be perfect at everything, just participating with similiar or lower movements with the breath will have the same benefits. Slowly you will realise with regular practice your movements will open up more and more.

Before you read on. Please remember we are all biologically the same but mentally and physically different.

It's your practice so allow your mind and body to connect and be in perfect harmony to achieve the best results.

It goes without saying when we start something healthy not only for our physical bodies but also our mind, then the benefits we will get can allow us to age more gracefully and even unwind a lot of what we have subjected our bodies to, so always be mindful of the seeds we sow today will blossom several months from now.

The practice of Qi Gong allows you to become more aware and mindful of our bodies, all of the dynamic exercises are to be done in a gentle and relaxed flowing manner, it is said that we do not force any stretch / movement, we relax into it.

Some of the practice, may incorporate a pose that requires a more meditative approach. This is where we hold a position around one or more of our energy centres (lower dantian, middle dantian, upper dantian). We can then tune in and be more mindful of our physical bodies and accept what is, when we have acceptance and an internal gratitude for ourselves, then we can open up our heart centre and release negative emotions, which then leaves the space for new energy and positive emotions to bring an openness and resilience where we become more compassionate and tolerant of others and ourselves.

The regular practice of Qi Gong allows you to become physically fluid in movement to flow like water, but still retaining the power of water to be more stable with the newfound space for the positive emotions. In essence it offers the perfect mind / body connection that allows our internal energy flow to heal the body at a systemic level. When we become more relaxed and allow ourselves to reach deeper levels of relaxation within our daily lives, this boosts our immunity, lowers blood pressure which leads to improving the hearts health, alleviates IBS, improves our mental health and increases fertility.

The exercises can be modified and even done seated with the same benefits, so it really is a practice that suits all ages and abilities.

Like when we start anything new that is foreign to both our minds and bodies, a controlled relaxed practice is the way. The following may help understand some of the changes you may experience in the early days of your practice.


Some people that may not be leading the most healthiest life now, can feel unwell when they try any new modality even massage, this is completely normal as it's the bodies way of responding to the release of all the trapped toxins within the body and internal organs.

This should subside within a day, if not consult your medical practitioner.


You may experience fatigue or even soreness to start with. This is normal and can be considered a positive outcome with your new practice, as you are using muscles in new ways and stimulating new energy flows within your body.

However if you experience shooting pains, then be mindful and respectful to your body, stop the movement and rest, then come back to it slowly in an even more relaxed manner, if it persists then stop and talk to the instructor and/or seek additional medical advice.

If you find you are still sore three days after your practice, then you have overdone it, take the next practice more slowly and relaxed, stop any movements when you feel you have reached your limit, this will allow you to recover better between practices and build up more slowly.


Should you become short of breath within any of the exercise breathing techniques, then you should revert back to a more natural breathing pattern.

We do not control or force any exercises and that includes the breath work also.

Shallow breathing that is too long can also be the cause of shortness of breath. With continued practice our bodies posture starts to corrects and allows the breathing to become easier.


Please practice with caution. If your menstrual flow increases then stop practicing until your period stops.

If you are heavy during your menstrual cycle then its best not to practice as you will stimulate blood flow further.

If you do practice when menstruating then with exercises where we focus on the lower dantian, it is advised you alter your practice to focus on a point inbetween your breasts known as the Dan Zhong acupressure point at the middle dantian.

As in Qi Gong, where our intention is, the energy flows and the blood goes to that area.


The Qigong practice should be done in a relaxed manner, gently and fluid like water. If you concentrate too much on perfection to start with it can cause headaches.

Holding the breath without realising restricts the oxygen supply and blood flow in the body, which can cause headaches and dizziness.

Only hold your breath if asked to do so by the instructor, and this would be at the extent of certain exercises only and only if you are comfortable with doing this (again be mindful and respectful to your body).

Remember its not all about perfection in the early days, simply performing the exercises to the best of your ability whilst breathing in a controlled but relaxed manner will be just as good and achieve the same results. The mindful relaxed meditative approach is more important.

As previously stated Qi Gong is considered a safe exercise practice for all ages and abilities for overall health and vitality, and has many many benefits to combat aging and conditions we have accumulated or experiencing.

The only conditions that have a contra-indication to Qi Gong are -

PREGNANCY (Precaution)

If you are pregnant then please advise the instructor and be very mindful of your condition and modify any movements and breathing according to your ability.

Psychotic disorders

People with a psychotic disorder should not practice Qi Gong.

High blood pressure (if not managed)

If your blood pressure is not stable then please consult your medical professional before starting Qi Gong practices.

If you are unsure?

Then always consult your medical professional before attending any classes / practices.

What to wear?

Qi Gong is based around dynamic relaxed free flowing movements and stretches. i.e. It is not a static forced strectching class. Please wear comfotable free moving clothing and bring a yoga mat or cushion to sit on if required.

May your Mind Body Flo be in perfect harmony :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as we did writing it for you. We look forward to working with you:)

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